1. Crazy
2. I’d marry you
3. I’d date you
4. Sarcastic
5. I miss you
6. I’d kiss you
7. Beautiful
8. Smart
9. Imaginative
10. Random
11. Jerk
12. Funny
13. Awesome
14. Amazing
15. Tough
16. Cute
17. I’d hit you with a bus
18. I love you
19. Weird
20. Friends forever
21. Marry me
22. You’re mine
23. I never want to lose you

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I’m all about unforgiving and hating and holding grudges because it keeps me safe and mentally healthy and I don’t care about your stupid feel-good quotes about forgiving everyone everywhere always so you can take your feel-good emotionally manipulative apologist bullshit and shove it 

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I know you’re busy and you’re not ignoring me.

I know I’m pathetic, but when you don’t talk to me for a couple hours or sometimes a couple minutes I feel like you don’t want me anymore.

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I miss my hair so much. I’m trying to figure out if I’m ready to stop wearing twists yet…

I feel ya girl.

Drake wouldn’t treat me like this

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sexually abused by 20 inmates in prison


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I’ve decided I want to be cremated. Not when I die, just whenever. Surprise me.

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I don’t know what this is, but lately I’ve been having this feeling.

You know, that feeling you get when you get nervous, like nervous because you have to give a presentation or you’re about to get in BIG trouble?

That drop of elevation in your inside, deep in the core.

Like the elevators going down inside your tummy, yeah, that feeling.

Well I’ve been getting that a lot lately, and I’m not exactly sure why, but it scares me because right as it happens, my entire body goes numb and I feel paralyzed.

Somethings wrong, and I have no one to tell, no one that’ll care.

I’m really scared.

6260) I’m sick of being the fat, ugly friend in my group.

judge me, I already know

up at 2 am popping diet pills and kit kats.